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Welcome to the Upside of Ageing

Take charge and own your independence! While ageing is inevitable, science says only 25% of our ageing journey is determined by genetics. The other 75% is down to the choices we make every day! Empower yourself to make choices that mean you can age your way and stay independent for longer.

Take the quick OpenUp Quiz and find out how to age your way today.

What is LiveUp?

Independence means doing what you want to do every day. Throw out tired stereotypes and charge up your life by making informed choices that are right for you. 

LiveUp is a national platform designed to help you reimagine, reset and reconnect with living your life to its fullest. You'll find personalised suggestions for your healthy ageing journey, including tailored activities, assistive products, social connections and more, all in your local area or online.  

Take the quick quiz and start living your way every day.

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How it works?


Check it out

The LiveUp website has lots of free information about healthy ageing and how you can maintain and even regain your independence.


Take the OpenUp quiz

Take this free and easy quiz. Some quick questions deliver personalised suggestions for your healthy ageing journey.


Explore your solutions

See tailored suggestions in your local area. Have fun, try new things, find assistive products and connect with your community.

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Age your way

What is healthy ageing?

Healthy ageing means staying well, being connected, and maintaining your independence no matter your age. By making choices that prioritise your physical, mental, and emotional health you can live life to the full. Take control of daily living by exploring assistive products to help you do the things you love. Sure, ageing isn’t the most fun thing to talk about, but we're changing the record. You can live it up however you like!

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Your ageing journey

The OpenUp quiz is designed as a first step to understanding the simple choices and small changes you can make to fire up your ageing journey. These easy-to-answer questions give you a personalised summary of tailored exercise programs, social activities, cognitive challenges and assistive products to choose from. Then when you're ready, plot your journey using the LifeCurve and even track your progress! Just sign up to see your stats.

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Find out how to age your way

Take our easy OpenUp quiz to get personalised advice and see suggested products, services and support in your local area or online.

Let's go!

Need help?

If you're unsure where to get started or what to do next, we have a team of specialists who can help.