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In the lounge

A few simple processes and assistive products will help you relax and enjoy being in the lounge. You can see some suggestions to help you in the lounge below.

Questions to consider:

  • Is your floor free of clutter? Are rugs creating a trip hazard?
  • Do you struggle to hear the TV? Do you find it difficult to hear conversation at parties? Do you find background noise makes it harder to hear?
  • Do you find TV remotes hard to use? Is the TV complicated to navigate?
  • Do you use require large text on your computer screens, keyboards and telephone buttons to make them easier to read?


Set up your chair so that it’s the right seat depth and height for you. If you sit here to read, position a light so that it illuminates the page, but doesn’t shine into your eyes. If you sit here to watch TV, make sure your head and neck are in a comfortable, neutral position and that you can easily reach essential items like remotes and instructions. Try positioning a side table so that you can safely reach drinks and snacks too.


Position the chair you use when crafting or writing with the window behind you. This reduces glare to make it easier to see what you're doing. Make small, light items more visible by setting up a table or lap tray with a black non-slip mat to create contrast.


Keeping your brain active is essential for living a fulfilling, healthy life. It’s never too early or too late to start! Brain matter can be improved and protected at any age. Look after your brain by improving heart health, staying active, engaging in mental challenges, eating a healthy diet, and enjoying social activities.


We are not designed to sit in a chair for long periods of time. A supported, relaxed posture prevents static muscle contraction that can cause pain and stiffness. When you're sitting down, blood flow is sluggish. This negatively impacts heart health, brain function, and the muscles in your hips and back. Having a chair and desk that is set up for you is important but standing and moving around is the key to staying healthy.

Simple solutions

Using TV remotes

Simplified TV remotes with large buttons work with any television that has an infrared remote. Using these types of remotes can make it easier to find what you want to watch. Try headphones connected to your TV so you can hear your favourite shows.

Seeing and holding crafts and games

Vision Australia has an online store that sells a range of items to help you see small crafts and needles. There are standard sized playing cards that have large symbols and numbers or you can buy larger playing cards. Card holders reduce strain for long games.

Reading and holding books

A simple book stand can alleviate strain and allow you to sit closer to your book. Many books, diaries and calendars are now printed in large print to make them easier to read. 

Use accessibility features

Kindle eReaders have accessibility features to help you read. You can choose larger font and greater contrast. A Kindle also has a text to speak function and will play audiobooks for you.

Assistive products for in the lounge

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    These playing cards are much easier to see as they're 50% taller than standard cards with ...

  • Self-threading Needles (6 pack)

    Packet of six hand-sewing needles with a gap at the top of the eye for easy threading....

  • LP Easy Learning TV Remote

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